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Innovative Telecom Company, NoiseFree™, Introduces Wind Noise Cancellation

SAN JOSE, CA — October 21, 2008 — NoiseFree™ (Noise Free Wireless, Inc.), a performance, feature, and content leader in noise management software, announced today that its new WindShield™ software for cancelling wind noise in mobile voice applications is receiving acclaim from early customers.  WindShield is a ‘software only’ solution that enhances mobile voice quality in the presence of annoying wind for substantial improvement in user Quality of Experience (QoE).

Wind noise is created by the action of wind across the surface of a microphone.  There are passive ways to mitigate this noise for stand-alone microphones but wind noise in embedded microphones, such as those found in cell phones and Bluetooth headsets, has been a very troublesome problem.  Special chips and signal processing have been applied in the past but they require excessive DSP horsepower.  NoiseFree believes that it is the first company to successfully tackle the wind noise problem with a ‘software only’ solution that can easily be accommodated within the limited memory and MIPS of mobile devices.

"Software applications such as NoiseFree fundamentally change the quality landscape for wireless and VoIP networks by cancelling the interference that has previously derailed user satisfaction," said Frank Bernhard, managing principal and technology economist with the advisory firm OMNI Consulting Group. "The economic additive of quality improvement, especially in wind noise conditions, offers a substantial benefit to those operators and subscribers seeking to raise the standards of voice communication and differentiate their networks.  Our research shows that a focus on SQM (subscriber quality management) principles has a greater impact on user retention and reducing churn than most other extensions of network service."

NoiseFree has provided demonstration systems to a select group of customers which are largely cell phone and Bluetooth OEM/ODMs and VoIP handset and system providers.  “The feedback from these early customers is very positive,” said NoiseFree CEO, Don Seferovich, “with the result that 12-18dB of wind noise attenuation with WindShield can turn an unintelligible call into a meaningful exchange.”

NoiseFree WindShield Features:

  • Proprietary technology that detects and suppresses wind noise
  • Low power consumption and very low memory requirements
  • Demonstration software for qualified customers
  • WindShield™ can be purchased as a separate application or in conjunction the company’s WhisperZone™ stationary noise cancellation products

Pricing and Availability:
Demonstration kits and pricing are available to qualified customers.  Contact the company for more information at sales@noise-free-wireless.com.

About NoiseFree:
NoiseFree is a performance, feature, and content leader in noise management software.  The company has created an intelligent systems approach to noise management which detects various types of stationary and non-stationary noise and rapidly effects software routines to cancel or mitigate the noise.  NoiseFree’s software products run on a broad range of DSPs and are ideally suited to mobile and network voice centric communications applications.  WhisperZone™ stationary and WindShield™ non-stationary noise cancellation software provide state of the art performance in mobile and network wired and wireless applications.  The NoiseFree mission is to “dramatically” increase the quality of experience (QoE) for voice application users everywhere.  For more information please visit www.noise-free-wireless.com.

Founded in 1989, OMNI Consulting Group LLP and OMNI Research Group LLC are the premiere sources for empirical knowledge behind today's fast moving technology marketplace. With an impressive global network of economists and advisory research practitioners, the firm serves many of the world's largest technology organizations and offers an unbiased approach of quantitative standards to address client-focused initiatives. OMNI Consulting Group fosters the understanding of market dynamics through an application of econometric solutions in a wide array of advisory and market research functions.  Practice units within the firm concentrate on merger and acquisition support, technology audit and assurance, and intellectual asset valuation.  For more information, please visit www.omniconsultinggroup.com.  

Media Contact:
Kevin Fitzgerald

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